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About Decormax Design

We are highly skilled artists who founded our company in 2010 by two brothers Hamza and Radwan and have since then expanded it to include additional ideas and new designs in kitchen and dining ware sets, although we centre all of our products around enhancing the beauty and elevating the raw material we work with. Our primary material of choice is Olive wood because of its natural and distinctive grain patterns. With the help of precision machinery and handcrafted skills, we can create functional yet inspired design, forward products whilst keeping quality and sustainability as a key focus.

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Furthermore, we develop our new design for home luxury furnishing with goods such as epoxy resin coffee tables, dining tables, wall clocks, and chess sets that complement any contemporary decor in homes, businesses, or restaurant settings.
Every item of our furniture is designed to fill a space with happiness and love to art for many generations to come.

About - Olive Wood

The olive tree was characterised as sacred by Homer, and it has been used for everyday goods since antiquity. Olive wood is compact and robust due to its high density, with a long life and durability for everyday use. It is a safe and natural alternative that does not scrape or absorb scents or chemicals. We use olive trees from Tunisia’s Sfax, Nabeul, and Sousse districts. We treat them with care and patience in our studio in Grombalia (a small village in the Nabeul region famed for producing olive oil, wine, and oranges).

Olive WooD

Why do we exclusively use olive wood ?

We want to increase the use of environmentally friendly products in people’s daily lives and believe that utilising our country’s raw materials is the best approach to do so.

Given the multiple health benefits: olive wood is naturally antimicrobial and may be the greatest alternative to plastic kitchen gadgets , and we believe that being organic entails not just eating organic food but also using organic and healthy tools in our daily basis.

2nd reason

The second reason is that olive wood has different grain patterns that make it more appealing and distinctive when compared to other woods commonly found in marketplaces. Our goods combine all aspects of food safety, attractiveness and the distinctiveness of the design adds to their appeal.

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